Our educational games bring learning to younger kids. Our educational games and toys are meant to prepare children to mature in life. One of our recent directions with regard to educational games is to help younger boys to think through what it is like to have their own business. Our newest endeavor focuses on a tree cutting service with the boys. We lay out a game that gives them the ability to have toys as a truck cutting business. The toys that are supplied are tree trucks, chainsaws, and a building. We also include lots of people, other houses, and trees.

The idea behind the game is to provide the boys with a playful activity to where they can pretend to have their own tree cutting service. The name of the company we have chosen is Augusta Tree Service based after friends of ours who own a tree cutting business in Augusta Georgia. We encourage the children to pretend that they need to grow their business through their service. They are encouraged to write down or to have their parents write down cards for their business as well as create forms to give to their customers.

We work on their communication skills as we encourage them to pretend with their pretend phones on what it would be like for them to receive a phone call for a customer asking about their tree service. Next, we give them the resources to make contact with their customers via the toy individuals. They also pretend to go and visit their customers to get a better understanding of what is going on. Our resources also comes with a book about trees. In the book we explain what are trees, what are the types of trees, what diseases do trees get and how to go about cutting trees down safely. It has been amazing to see the kids respond to this educational game. It helps them to begin to think long term about being their own business owner. It really sets them up for success as they are forced to think about preparation, communication skills, hard work and following through with their business.

Our parents have responded with positive feedback. They have let us know that there kids have been enthralled with the game. They find their children playing with it all of the time. If you would like more information about this educational resource, then give us a call or contact us to see how we can get it shipped to you.